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The economy of Riverside includes a large manufacturing sector, along with several industrial parks. Riverside is the most highly populated city in the Inland Empire and is also home to large legal, engineering, banking, and accounting firms. Many employees work for the County of Riverside, in the medical field, or for one of Riverside’s Universities. Every day, Riverside residents suffer injuries that can make it difficult, if not impossible, for them to work. When someone becomes disabled, they have the right to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. 

Do You Qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance in Riverside?

If you’ve suffered an injury or you’ve received a diagnosis that makes you unable to work, you may qualify for benefits. The Social Security Administration provides disabled workers with monthly cash payments via Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). These benefits are only available to those who qualify. 

Only Riverside residents who have been employed for a certain number of years and have paid enough into the Social Security program through payroll deductions qualify. Applicants must also prove that they have a qualifying medical condition that prevents them from performing their job or another type of work. 

Medical eligibility can be one of the most challenging aspects of receiving SSDI benefits. The Social Security Administration keeps a list of qualifying medical conditions called the Blue Book. Typically, when an applicant’s medical condition is listed, he or she is eligible for benefits. However, even if your condition is not listed, you can still qualify for benefits if you can show that your condition is the medical equivalent to a listed impairment. At Roeschke Law, LLC, we have access to an experienced network of medical professionals and experts who can help you prove that your medical condition qualifies for SSDI benefits. 

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits in Riverside

The SSDI and Social Security Income (SSI) application process can be extremely complicated. Applications for benefits require you to submit a significant amount of medical information. You’ll also need to complete and file several forms and answer questions. When applicants answer questions incorrectly, even if they do not intend to do so, the Social Security Administration can deny their application outright. 

If you are a disabled resident of Riverside, you will need to submit a thorough and complete application. However, it can be challenging to submit your application while you are recovering from a serious injury or medical condition. At Roeschke Law, LLC, California, our legal team takes over the application process for you so you can focus on your recovery. We focus our entire law firm on advocating for disabled clients, and we can do the same for you.

Disability Hearing and Appeals Lawyers in Riverside 

When the Social Security Administration denies your application, you have the right to appeal the denial. You will need to file an appeal and request a hearing with an administrative law judge. Working with an experienced lawyer during the appeal process is incredibly important. At  Roeschke Law, LLC, California, we have successfully handled thousands of disability benefit appeals. 

Our legal team has a clear understanding of the information you’ll need to present at your SSDI or SSI hearing to be successful. We work with a network of medical professionals who can provide you with a comprehensive medical evaluation. We will also seek a complete medical report from your doctor. If necessary, we write to the doctors who treated you to explain relevant Social Security regulations. We do as much as possible to help our clients during their disability hearing.

Appealing the Denial of Disability Benefits in Riverside

If the Social Security Administration has denied your claim, you have a right to appeal the decision. You can request an administrative law judge to make a new decision on your claim. When it comes to appealing your Social Security application, you need an experienced disability lawyer to fight for your rights. We have the knowledge and experience required to review your case and develop a strategy going forward.

At Roeschke Law, LLC California, we know all of the common reasons for the denial of Social Security benefit claims. Hiring a lawyer to represent you throughout the appeal process will significantly improve your chances of being awarded benefits. Our law firm handles disability benefits cases at all stages of the process. 

Contact Our Riverside Social Security Disability Lawyers

If you’ve become injured and you’re unable to work, you may be worried about how to pay your bills. You might think that you cannot afford to hire a lawyer to help you with your Riverside disability claim. At Roeschke Law, LLC, California, we work on a contingency basis. Our clients do not pay any attorneys’ fees until the Social Security Administration approves their claim. 

We understand that waiting for disability benefits can be incredibly stressful, and that’s why we fight so hard on behalf of our clients. Our law firm represents clients throughout the Inland Empire, including Riverside. Contact our disability law firm today to request your initial consultation to learn how our team can help you.