Are There Any Factors That Could Influence the Amount Of My SSDI Benefits?

Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI is functionally designed to provide financial assistance if you can’t work due to your disability. This federal program is funded by your payroll taxes and, at its core, a form of insurance you subsidize. However, the SSA has strict criteria for a qualified “disabling condition.”

The amount of your SSDI benefits you receive each month depends on your average earnings before your disability and not your disability itself.

This is where the expertise, knowledge, and skills of your SSDI lawyer come into play and, if used effectively, can significantly increase the dollar amount of the benefits you receive.

The SSA considers numerous factors when determining if you qualify and for the amount of your SSDI payments. Many factors you may not even be aware of, such as your entire work history, lifelong income, family circumstances, and more, can all factor into the equation.

Some of the main factors the SSA may consider are;

  • Your entire earnings history  – Usually, the SSA averages your monthly pay over your whole working life to calculate your primary insurance dollar amount. This is used as the base of your benefit payment.
  • The date your disability began – The SSA establishes this date and affects the date you may start to get benefits. The date could also affect your amount, especially if retroactive benefits are considered.
  • Your current age – The age at which you became disabled can definitively affect your benefit amount in the SSA’s calculations.
  • Your work credits – Your accumulated credits will also help determine your benefit amount. Credits are based on annual earnings and can influence your eligibility and benefit payment amounts.
  • Your current family situation  – If you are married and have children, this may increase your SSDI payment. Specific family members may receive a monthly payment of up to 50 percent of your rate.

This is a short list of factors that the SSA may consider, but note that your experienced, compassionate SSDI lawyer will also use these same factors to effectively work to increase your amount and obtain what you rightfully deserve.

Are There Ways to Effectively Maximize My Social Security Disability Benefits?

For many disabled people, SSDi is a vital and critical lifeline for them and their families. So, if you are currently getting benefits, the question is, are the benefits sufficient, and can I get them increased?

Life can change in the blink of an eye, and if your situation changes, you might be eligible for an increase in your SSDI benefits.

There are specific changes in your life that, with qualified and skilled professional help, can trigger an increase in your monthly benefits, such as;

  • The death of your spouse – If your spouse dies, you could be eligible for survivor benefits. This is especially valid if your spouse worked; even if your ex-spouse dies, you still, in certain situations, might see an increase in benefits.
  • The death of any adult children – In this case, you might be eligible for parent’s benefits. Parents’ benefits, under specific conditions, may increase your monthly benefits. Let’s say your adult child had enough work credits to be eligible for SSDI and provided at least half of your monthly support; you might now apply for additional monthly benefit income.
  • Benefits from a previous marriage – If you are 62 or older, you might be eligible for benefits based on an ex-spouse’s work. However, as in most of these examples (and many more), they are not guaranteed. Suppose you want to be successful in these types of increases. In that case, you must have the skilled, thorough, and knowledgeable help of a disability lawyer

What Other Ways Could I Increase My Social Security Disability Benefits?

Dealing with any government agency’s “red tape” is daunting; the Social Security Administration is no exception. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of all you may be entitled to, you must have a skilled disability lawyer on your side.

The following (in professional hands) can help you obtain a higher monthly benefit under certain circumstances.

Items such as:

Taking Advantage of Work Incentives – The SSA has a work incentive program, which, with the help of your lawyer, could increase your income without affecting your current SSDI benefits.

  • Leveraging your spouse and dependent benefits – If you are married or have dependent children, your lawyer may be able to apply for additional and significant benefits.
  • File an appeal if you must  – If your SSDI claim was denied or is lower than it should be, your lawyer can file an appeal on your behalf. This process can be challenging but rewarding in the end.
  • Annual cost-of-living adjustments – You can capitalize on annual cost-of-living increases. These could significantly increase your SSDI benefits over time.
  • Avoid Common Mistakes – A professional, skilled, and detail-oriented disability law team can help you avoid common mistakes that almost always lead to reduced benefits.

There are many more ways that a thoughtful disability lawyer will fight for your maximum benefit amount, and obtaining their qualified help is always in your best interests.

If I Want My Maximum Disability Benefit, Is It Always Best to Use a Disability Lawyer?

In reality, and due to the legal complexities of the SSA’s disability laws, the sincere answer is yes, it’s always a wise move.

Getting maximum benefits, whether just applying or receiving disability, is one of the main advantages of working with an experienced Social Security disability lawyer.

Every case, yours included, has unique circumstances, and your disability lawyer will know and decide on the best and most successful way to manage your case.

By utilizing professional legal representation, you’ll have help with the following and more:

  • Preparing your application entirely and clearly to prove that your medical condition should be considered a disability.
  • Providing the Social Security Administration with all critical and pertinent information needed.
  • Professionally appeal your disability claim at any administrative level, even in federal court if necessary.

If you’re disabled, you deserve to not only get your benefits but also obtain the total amount you’re entitled to.

I Need To File for Additional Disability Benefits; How Should I Proceed?

Dealing with the Social Security Administration is an overwhelming and stressful undertaking. If you’re applying for benefits or need an increase, you must have professional, skilled, and compassionate legal help.

The winning, experienced, empathetic, and professional disability lawyers at Roeschke Law have a solid and winning history of helping San Diego clients get the social security benefits they’re entitled to and the amounts they rightfully deserve.

Call them today at (800)-975-1866 and get the caring, informed, and personal attention you and your family deserve. They will provide you with a free evaluation of your case and ensure your benefit amount is what you need and legally deserve.