How Coronavirus Precautions Negatively Impact the Hearing-Impaired

Q: How have the hearing-impaired been impacted by COVID-19 face mask rules? For those with hearing impairments and other disabling conditions, qualifying for Social Security disability benefits begins with meeting the Social Security Administration’s definition of being “disabled” and suffering from one or more of the mental and/or physical impairments listed in the Social Security […]

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Woman discussing her disabling condition at the doctor.

What Conditions Automatically Qualify You for Disability?

Accessing Social Security Disability benefits can be a challenge. However, many rely on these benefits to pay essential monthly expenses. Understanding the application process for Social Security Disability benefits can help. Understanding the requirements for qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits can also help. Not all those who have a disability will qualify for these […]

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Woman with a mask due to the coronavirus pandemic

The Coronavirus and the Disabled Community

Q: How is the global pandemic harder on disabled people? Disability attorneys of California know that their disabled clients are likely more anxious than those without disabilities during the global coronavirus pandemic. And it isn’t paranoia that’s driving those emotions. The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has necessitated drastic government directives aimed at social distancing […]

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Courtroom with scales of justice on a podium

Disney Disability Access Service Challenged in Court

Q: Are the accommodations for the disabled fair at theme parks like Disney? Once upon a time, disability attorneys of California could tell their disabled clients of a magical theme park where virtually limitless access and accommodations were made for them and/or their disabled children to access all of the rides without waiting. Then everything […]

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How Much Does Social Security Disability Pay?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is tasked with administering critical Social Security disability benefits to those needing and qualifying for them in the U.S. These benefits are funded by payroll deductions that are required pursuant to the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). FICA payroll deductions are used to cover the costs associated with Social Security […]

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Man with a medical condition that may qualify for social security disability.

What Medical Conditions Qualify You for Social Security Disability?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is tasked with awarding Social Security Disability benefits to those applicants who have a qualifying, disabling condition. These conditions are ones that affect a person’s ability to retain gainful employment. If you suffer a disabling medical condition and are hoping to receive Social Security Disability benefits, you are probably concerned […]

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Blind man using his cane to walk on sidewalk.

Blindness and Social Security Disability Benefits

Q: Do I qualify for Social Security disability benefits if I am blind? Disability Attorneys of California often help blind or low vision people obtain Social Security disability benefits.  Sometimes people are born blind or with low vision and other times, they become blind or lose vision later in life as a result of an […]

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Woman with PTSD who needs disability benefits.

Social Security Disability Benefits and PTSD

Q: Can I qualify for Social Security Disability benefits with PTSD? Most healthy Americans start working in their teens or early 20’s and the majority of them continue working straight through until their retirement. Some stop or cut back hours to raise children or care for elderly parents and may later return to working outside […]

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