How Can I Tell If the SSA Is Investigating Me?

If you receive SSDI benefits, there probably should be a significant health reason as to why you’re getting them and usually is. However, there will be times when the SSA usually reviews your information to conduct a standard “continuing disability review.”

However, if any deception or SSA or SSDI fraud is suspected, the SSA’s Office of Investigations could conduct a criminal investigation into these allegations. The Office of Investigations may initiate clandestine investigations on your activities, financial transactions, etc. if they suspect or have received suspect information. The SSA also investigates whistleblower retaliation allegations and misconduct by SSA senior officials and any other OIG personnel.

If you’re concerned that  Social Security might be investigating you, you certainly might be right, and it’s understandable to feel more than a little anxious.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) often investigates SSDI recipients to ensure they are not receiving benefits they may not be entitled to. However, there are specific signs you (and especially your SSDI lawyer) can see that could help determine if you’re being investigated.

Knowing these signs may help put your mind at ease or help you take the necessary steps to protect your constitutional rights.

If there are any reasons that the SSA may feel that you’re hiding anything about your disability or something has changed, then investigators could follow you to your scheduled Continuing Disability Review or Consultative Examination.

If you are lying or exaggerating, in any way, about your disability, the SSA certainly may investigate your life, actions, financial transactions, and more. Also, you must know that the SSA will not notify you if you’re under investigation.

So, the best thing to do is to always be as truthful as possible about your disability claim, follow the SSA’s rules, and not do anything that may lead them to believe you are committing fraud.

Lastly, contact your San Diego SSDI attorney immediately if you are under investigation. Your lawyer can do a great deal to find out more information and ensure that your civil liberties and rights are always protected.

What Types of Surveillance Could the SSA Use on Me?

 If the SSA finds any reason to believe your physical condition has changed, they may do a routine continuing disability review. However, if they suspect fraud or deception, the SSA will use surveillance to investigate.

Commonly the SSA will have a reasonable suspicion that you are not being truthful about your disability before they start an investigation.

The SSA may use various types of surveillance, such as:

  • Direct observation of you and your daily actions and routines.
  • Photo or video surveillance of your activities.
  • Monitoring all your social media.

The SSA does have investigators and could follow you in public places, such as work, school, or sports activities. Essentially, they would observe, by any means possible,  if you’re doing anything that proves your condition has improved and you are no longer disabled and hiding that fact.

If you even suspect you may be being followed, photographed, etc., contact your San Diego SSDI attorney and enlist their help in getting ahead and any negative issues you may have or suspect.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Avoid Being Investigated?

The simple answer is yes; there are things you can do to avoid being investigated by the SSA. Also, if you’re being investigated, there are things you can do to protect your rights and SSDI benefits.

Some of the ways to avoid being investigated are:

  • Follow Your Medical Treatment Regimens – Always attend and get the proper medical treatment recommended by your doctors. If you ignore treatment or any recommendations, it could result in a disability denial.
  • Always Be Truthful About Your Condition – Always be truthful about your condition and don’t exaggerate any symptoms. This is, by far, the best way to avoid an SSA investigation.
  • Observe What You Share on Social Media – Like anyone else, the SSA can monitor all your social media accounts. They can easily find photos, videos, etc., and use these reasons to reduce or stop your SSDI payments.

Always keep in mind, however, if you do get a denial, your San Diego SSDI attorney is there to fight for your benefits and your rights. Any issues arising from an investigation or formal continuing disability review can most effectively be managed with your SSDI lawyers’ invaluable knowledge, experience, and help.

What Is a Standard “Continuing Disability Review?”

Depending on your disability and physical condition, the SSA periodically reviews your medical impairment. This is standard practice to determine if you still have a disabling medical condition.  If the SSA determines that you are no longer disabled or your condition improves, your benefits may be decreased or halted altogether.

The SSA calls this review a “Continuing Disability Review” or CDR. Under normal conditions, the SSA is legally required to perform a medical CDR at least every three years. If your situation is stable and has no chance of improving, they will review your case only once every five to seven years.

When a CDR is done, the SSA usually reviews your income, new possible resources, living arrangements, and more to ensure that you are currently meeting any medical and non-medical requirements to continue receiving benefits.

If you are scheduled to have a standard CDR, discussing the matter with your experienced San Diego SSDi attorney is always advisable. Your SSDI lawyer will analyze any new information, your finances, medical conditions, and more. This will help you present your facts correctly and concisely to the SSA.

If you feel that you may have issues affecting your SSDI benefits, it’s strongly recommended that your SSDI lawyer accompany you to any meetings.

Your SSDI benefits are vital to your and your family’s life, and your competent and thorough SSDI lawyer will do everything they can to fight for you to keep them.

I Suspect I’m Being Investigated by the SSA; What Should I Do?

First, don’t panic about the situation but obtain the professional legal advice you need from a qualified, experienced, and aggressive San Diego SSDI attorney.

You may not be able to halt any SSA investigation. Still, overall, as long as you are justifiably receiving social security disability benefits, there is commonly nothing to worry about, and you may keep your SSDI payments coming in.

If you are being investigated or attending a formal review (CDR) and feel you are in danger of losing your benefits, contact the Roeschke Law offices as soon as possible. They will give you the premier, diligent, and aggressive representation you need and deserve. Call them today at (800) 975-1866, and they will work tirelessly to protect your rights and finances.