Applying for disability benefits in California or elsewhere can be a complex and stressful process. No one is ever truly prepared to face the physical, emotional, and financial burdens that come from having a disabled child or becoming disabled as an adult.

Hiring a skilled California disability attorney that understands the process and knows how to build a strong application, complete with necessary supporting medical and other evidence, can make all the difference in an initial application being granted or a denial being successfully appealed. With two-thirds of all applications being denied and no out-of-pocket fees required, hiring a disability attorney can be a smart way to fast-track the application.

To get federal disability benefits, all applicants must meet the federal government’s definition of “disabled” which means suffering from a severe, long-term, total disability related to a physical or mental medical condition that must have lasted, or be expected to last, at least one year, or result in death. They must also satisfy the other applicable requirements of the program they are applying to.

With so much emphasis on qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits, successful applicants might mistakenly believe their benefits are guaranteed for life. Below, our California disability attorney discusses how you can lose social security disability benefits.

How can I lose my Social Security disability benefits?

Unfortunately, whether you receive Social Security disability insurance “SSDI” or Supplemental Security Income “SSI”, your benefits could be lost or reduced in certain situations, including:

  • you no longer meet the federal government’s definition of being “disabled”;
  • you return to work (SSDI);
  • you switch to Social Security retirement benefits before full retirement age “FRA”;
  • you automatically convert to Social Security retirement benefits at FRA; or
  • you exceed the income/asset threshold for eligibility (SSI).

If your disability benefits are through private disability insurance rather than the federal government, the terms of your policy will dictate what age you will receive benefits and any other terms.

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