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Applying For Disability Benefits in Pasadena

Pasadena is home to a large and rapidly aging population for whom age-related conditions and diseases are a significant concern. According to the Pasadena Public Health Department, Pasadena has more elderly residents in Pasadena than in another jurisdiction. An essential part of preparing for retirement is understanding programs available to older residents of Pasadena from the Social Security Administration.

At Roeschke Law, LLC, we’ve helped many Pasadena residents successfully apply for disability benefits in California. Attorney Kiel Roeschke focuses his practice on assisting disabled clients to obtain the benefits they deserve. He understands that applying for disability benefits can be frustrating and confusing for many individuals. By focusing on each client’s needs, Roeschke Law works efficiently to help them submit timely and accurate applications to the SSA.

Social Security Disability Attorney for Pasadena Residents

The federal Social Security Administration offers many different types of disability benefits programs. Pasadena residents who have diagnosed medical conditions that prevent them from maintaining employment have a right to apply for these benefits. The application process for Social Security Disability payments can be complicated. The Social Security Administration imposes strict eligibility requirements, and only individuals with certain medical conditions are eligible for Social Security benefits.

The Two Types of Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration operates two different Social Security programs. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides benefits to disabled individuals, regardless of their income. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides benefits to specific individuals with incomes under a certain limit.

SSDI provides payments for applicants who meet the following requirements:

  • An individual age 18 – 65
  • An individual who worked and paid into the Social Security system
  • An individual who earned sufficient work credits

It is important to note that not all individuals with a disease or disability will qualify for SSDI payments. Successful Pasadena, California SSDI applicants must prove that they have a qualifying disability. They must also prove that their disability prevents them from working for an extended period. Showing an inability to work can be more challenging, mainly because the applicant has the burden to prove that he or she cannot work. Hiring an experienced Pasadena Social Security Disability attorney can help applicants submit the evidence they need to prove that they are unable to work and qualify for benefits.

Additionally, SSI benefits are available to applicants who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • An individual who is disabled, blind, or age 65 or older
  • Resources (assets and income) do not exceed the SSA limit

Filing an Accurate Social Security Benefits Application is Essential

Applicants must pay close attention to details on their Social Security benefits application. Even if an applicant meets all of the requirements for SSDI or SSI benefits, an administrative error could warrant a denial of their application. The Social Security Administration denies many first-time Social Security disability applications. Attorney Kiel J. Roeschke has helped many Pasadena residents submit accurate and thorough Social Security benefits applications.

Filing a Disability Benefits Appeal in Pasadena

When the Social Security Administration denies a disability benefits claim, it sends a letter to the applicant informing him or her of the denial. Applicants must file an appeal within 60 days of receiving notice of the claim denial. Applicants can request a reconsideration of their case. During the reconsideration period, the Disability Determination Services (DDS) will conduct a comprehensive review of your claim. Applicants may submit new evidence when requesting a reconsideration.

If DDS denies the claim after the reconsideration period, applicants can appeal and ask for a hearing. Many hearings are conducted by video conference or via telephone rather than in person. An administrative law judge will hold a hearing. It is wise to bring an attorney to an appeal hearing. A skilled Social Security disability attorney can question witnesses and present evidence on behalf of the applicant. Attorney Kiel J. Roeschke has represented thousands of clients throughout California in Social Security Disability appeals hearings.

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If you’re a Pasadena resident who lives with a disability, you may be entitled to monthly disability benefits. Attorney Kiel J. Roeschke assists individuals at all income levels with the Social Security disability process. He can help you complete your initial application, and, if necessary, can skillfully represent you should you need to appeal a denial of benefits. He has represented thousands of clients before the Social Security Administration. Don’t delay, contact our disability law office today to schedule your initial consultation.